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SwiftCam G2 For GoPro Hero 3
Model: FT-GO01
Brand: Dict Creative
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Poise SwiftCam G2
Revolutionary Handheld Video Shooting Experience.

Have you ever taken a video with your smart phones, cameras, or GoPro? How is the video quality shot by barely your hand holding it? How many times you need to delete precious moments taken after finding out those videos turn out to be useless due to your shaky hand? Don’t feel so sad, It’s definitely not your fault.

As the filming devices and technology are progressing extremely fast, bigger aperture, long range zoom, high megapixels, have brought the image quality to another level, but somehow diminish the tolerance of human error. Any tiny error while filming can be enlarged when reviewing it on your big screen with HD quality. Here it comes a savior for making handheld shooting a lot easier than ever and save your bittersweet memories taken with your best friends and family, the Poise SwiftCam G2.

Poise SwiftCam G2 for GoPro Hero 3 / 3+

Designed to enhance the video quality of handheld GoPro shooting! The Handled 2- axis BL Gimbal stabilizes your GoPro with built-in 2-axis gyro, provides wider and adjustable shooting angles by simply pressing buttons on the pole. Go outdoor exercising, skateboarding, downhill cycling with the SwiftCam G2 and experience how cool your life can be. No matter how jolted your journey is, the SwiftCam G2 will smoothen it and record your bittersweet memories along the way.

How the SwiftCam G2 Gimbal works

The SwiftCam G2 contains sensors that detects the roll and tilt movement of the camera mounted. When the sensor senses either the camera’s roll of tilt movements, it will predict its next movement and calculate how much movement the brushless motors need to react for leveling it back to keep the camera steady.

Though it’s just few sentences of words to explain, actually it contains hundreds of thousands of calculations made by the sensor and processor inside the SwiftCam G2. Thanks for the modern technology and creative ideas by engineers worldwide that make it happen to improve our life, with a reasonable price.

Key advantages of the Poise SwiftCam G2 Handheld Gambal

Gopro WiFi Solution :

Download the IOS/Android APP


Check this up before use:

- The gimbal will do self-calibration every time you turn it on, make sure you put the GoPro Hero 3 on before power on.
- While self-calibrating, hold the gimbal as level as possible.
- Check if there’s any tear or wear on the components.
- Every gimbal is well checked and tuned before shipment, read the manual throughly before use.


- Standard attachment point for GoPro cameras.
- Light weight, high strength anodized aluminum pole.
- Built-in 2-axis gyro system.
- Remote control angle adjust design.
- Durable Brushless motors provides ultimate response to every move you made.
- Rechargeable battery pack (16340 3.7V *4pcs) and charger included.


Input: 9 - 11.1V
Handle Size: D25x77mm (Diameter x Length)
Gimbal Size: 92x82x57mm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight: 313g (Wth Battery but without Gopro)
Side tilt: ±45°
Vertical tilt: +45°~ -90°

Suitable Camera : GOPRO HERO3 / 3+



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