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ALware FlyCam Stand V2 (450-500 Size/Heli /GAUI 330X /500X)
Model: AL955333
Brand: ALware
USD 29.00 USD 19.00
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ALware 450-500 Size FlyCam Stand (GAUI 330X-S) V2 is the newest version 450-500 Size FlyCam Stand made by ALware. This Flycam Stand will fulfill your dreams innovative aerial shooting and FPV flights at a very reasonable price but with high quality! ALware 450-500 Size FlyCam Stand (GAUI 330X-S) V2 is made by firm and glossy fiber glass with 2mm thickness which is light but very strong. It can carry a camera up to 1 kg heavy.  At the same time due to the flexibility of fiber glass materials, this enable the stand with a better vibration-proof capability without using extra dampers. You can put a small HD DV and DC on this stand such as GOPRO HD, HS300, FX580 etc. ALware 450-500 Size FlyCam Stand V2 is compatible with most popular 450 or 500 size electrical helicopters in the market such as Trex 450 series, Trex 500ESP etc. Other than the above compatibilities, the V2 stand has a good design to fit GAUI 330X QuadFlyer with four Aluminum Rods.

With the help of one or two small size servos like Align DS410/HS 65MG, the Flycam Stand V2 can carry out 1-2 axises movement control. Together with two Linkage Rods and Aluminum control arm for the x-axis, a higher precision and stability can be achieved. Therefore there is a higher chance for you to shoot an extreme hight quality videos of photos. Moreover, both of these two axises can be fited with two screws instead of using servos. This allow you to carry a heavy load up to 1kg. That is one of the good design of this stand - convenient and adjustable!
ALware 450-500 Size FlyCam Stand (GAUI 330X-S) V2 comes unassembled, however don't worry, it is clear and easy to assemble this stand by yourself according to the instruction manual. With the complete and precise CNC parts, you will easily to finish the assembly processes.
- Light weight (Approx.): 205g
- Simple installation design
- Three operating methods can be set: 1-axis(Tilt), 2-axises(Pan and Tilt) and Fixed angle.
- Support Head or Bottom installation methods to the helicopters.
- Wide compatibility, applicable for most of the 450, 500 size electric helicopters,  GAUI 330X and 500X Quadflyers.
- Adjustable CG of the camera.
- Increditable loading capability up to 1000 grams.
- Large stand place to carry difference size cameras.
- With high quality bearings in the rotating joints.
- Use all 12.9 Hex Cap Screws.
- FlyCam Stand V2 Fiber Glass frame set
- Hex Cap Screws:
M2x6 - 3pcs
M2x8 - 12pcs
M2x10 - 4pcs
M3x8 - 6pcs
M3x10 - 1pcs
M3x14 - 1pcs
- Nuts:
M2 - 19pcs
M3 - 8pcs
- Washer - 12 pcs
- Flage Bearing - 2pcs
- Aluminum Control Arm - 1pcs
- Linkage Balls with screws - 4pcs
- Ball Links - 4 pcs
- Linkage Rods - 2pcs
- Aluminum Rods(Used to fit GAUI 330X) - 4pcs
**Servos are not included**

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